James Harden has been catching a lot of flack over the past week thanks to his alleged behavior when it comes to the Houston Rockets. It was reported that Harden actually ducked training camp in order to go partying with celebrity friends like Lil Baby. From there, he finally returned to training camp although it was fairly clear to everyone in Houston that Harden was looking for a way out.

Just yesterday, photos of Harden went viral as he was looking a bit overweight out on the court. It seems as though these photos were taken a bit out of context based on the angles, although he was roasted for them, regardless. Today, Kendrick Perkins joined in on the fun as he claimed Harden resembled himself.

"You can't show up [to work] lookin' like me! ... The word around town ... is that they're saying that basically he's the new, modern Dennis Rodman," Perkins said before expanding on his thoughts on Twitter. "I have nothing wrong with James Harden wanting out Houston but I do have problem with his lack of professionalism and how he showed up to camp looking like me."

Harden's weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years although it's never gotten in the way of Harden's ability to hit shots. Not to mention, it is the preseason, and Harden can easily lose the weight in just a couple of weeks if he applies himself. As for his standing with the Rockets, well, that could be subject to change, shortly.

James Harden

Michael Reaves/Getty Images