Kevin Durant is currently in the midst of a year-long rehab for his Achilles tendon which he ruptured during the NBA Finals last season. Durant left the Golden State Warriors in the offseason and is now on the Brooklyn Nets who also boast the services of point guard Kyrie Irving. Once Durant makes his way into the lineup, the Nets will easily be one of the top contenders to win the championship. Nets fans are extremely excited to see how they will play together but for now, it's going to be a long wait.

Durant has been making some pretty phenomenal strides with his rehab and today, a video came out of Durant shooting some buckets at the Nets practice facility. As you can see Durant's shot is still intact and he was draining shots as if he was still in the midst of a season.

If you're a Nets fan, this video is definitely some good news as it shows that Durant is staying active despite not being able to get in fully-fledged workouts. Once the video made its way to Twitter, Nets fans were quick to comment on it and give their seal of approval to Durant's progress.

Needless to say, the league will be on high alert next season.