According to Alex Schiffer, a beat writer for the Brooklyn Nets, all four of the Nets players that previously tested positive for COVID-19 have fully recovered and are no longer showing symptoms of the virus.

The general manager of the Brooklyn Nets organization, Sean Marks, announced that all team personnel, including the four players that tested positive for the coronavirus, are all symptom-free on a conference call. 

Kevin Durant was among the players named in the initial report, which then led the entertainment world to get worried as Drake was spotted hanging out with the basketball star just days prior to his diagnosis. Drake has since tested negative for the virus and is self-isolating in his Toronto home.

In other news pertaining to the Nets, it is currently unsure whether Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will lace up this season if it is to resume. KD is recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and Irving had shoulder surgery last month. If the season resumes in the summer, it is possible that Kyrie could get back on the court. However, Durant's status remains improbable.

We're glad to hear that all Nets players have recovered from the coronavirus. With so much uncertainty surrounding the league, at least we've got a smidgen of good news with that.

Kevin Durant coronavirus
Al Bello/Getty Images