Kevin Durant came into the league all the way back in 2007 when the Oklahoma City Thunder were still the Seattle Supersonics. It was here that Durant showed flashes of brilliance and it was clear that in due time, KD was going to become a superstar. Since that time, Durant has played for the Golden State Warriors and now, the Brooklyn Nets. However, since the Supersonics no longer exist, you can imagine just how valuable any KD Seattle memorabilia must be.

Well, a perfect example was shown recently as a Durant rookie card was sold by Goldin Auctions for a whopping $799,500. This is the most a KD card has ever gone for, and in just a few years from now, it's safe to say that the card will be worth well over $1 million. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the NBA trading card market has absolutely skyrocketed as collectors begin to consolidate their collections. In fact, the market has transitioned to the crypto space as NFTs have led to big businesses like NBA Top Shot. With the market expanding like never before, it's safe to say that cards will continue to elevate in price.

If Kevin Durant and the Nets win a title this year, it might be time to start sifting through your collections for a KD gem from the past. You never know how much it might be worth.

Kevin Durant

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images