Kevin Durant is one of the most outspoken players in the entire NBA which means when he sees something he wants to see happen, or not happen, he is vocal about. Durant has been sitting quietly over the last couple of weeks as the Chicago Bulls look to completely revamp and revitalize their front office, which has been pretty lackluster as of late. The franchise is looking to really shake things up and finally get themselves out of the hole they have been for the better part of a decade.

Today, a report circulated saying that a former Bulls player, Nazr Mohammed, could win up with a job in the Bulls front office. This prompted KD to take to Twitter where he wrote "More former players in the front offices!!!"

Durant makes a solid point here as far too often, general managers and team vice presidents are men who have never played the game of basketball at a high level. Players prefer to be led by other players and Durant's simple message speaks to that. Former players are starting to get more front office roles but there still aren't enough.

Perhaps when Durant's career is over, he can be one of those players to break into the front office power structures that are found throughout the league.