Kevin Durant is sitting pretty with the Golden State Warriors as they currently sit atop the Western Conference standings. They haven't exactly struggled this season and are the favorites to win the NBA Title for a third-straight season. The team that many thought they would play in the final this year, the Boston Celtics, have struggled at times as they currently sit fifth in the Eastern Conference and are experiencing some chemistry issues. Despite all that, Durant is confident the Celtics will get it together in the postseason. 

"They're right up there at the top," Durant explained via ESPN. "They've been losing a couple games, but they've got the top talent, some of the top talent on that team, so they'll be fine once the playoffs start."

Durant then commented on what it means to have a chemistry issue and that the team shouldn't worry too much about it because it happens with almost every team.

"It's just the nature of the game," Durant said. "They've got a bunch of young players, they've got a couple veterans that have been through the struggle, so they're still trying to figure each other out. It takes more than just a half a year or a whole year to figure it out. They're just going to keep growing, so what you see right now is probably not the finished product."

The Celtics are 38-26 and are on a collision course for a first-round playoff matchup against the Philadelphia 76ers.