Last night, Lakers legend Kobe Bryant ended his 20-year career with an incredible 60-point performance in a victory over the Utah Jazz. Sports fans everywhere tearfully watched him put on a show for the last time in the Staples Center, and a noted group of hip-hop elites, including Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, and Kanye West, appeared courtside for the game to pay their respects. Ye put up a picture of his ticket stub on Twitter and wrote, "At the God's last game."

In the opinion of Kevin Gates, though, Kobe is not worthy of such holy status. In a new selfie video posted to his Instagram, Gates admits his aversion toward Kobe, mainly citing his belief that the former Lakers guard is a "rat." 

Gates began the video by admitting that he doesn't watch much basketball, before going on to explain that he doesn't care about Kobe's final game. "Man, that n*gga a rat, man. Yeah! He told on Shaq," said Gates, referring back to 2004, when Kobe, during his own trial for alleged rape, had reportedly told Colorado police that Shaq had paid his various female liaisons $1 million to keep quiet about the relations they shared with him. 

"You gotta forgive him," he continued, speaking as if he was a Kobe supporter, before cutting himself off to say, "No! You told on somebody. That's rattin.'" 

Before signing off, Gates added, "And you named after a snake," alluding to Kobe's nickname, the "Black Mamba."