In case you missed it, Kevin Gates shared a clip on his Instagram this past Sunday that saw him showing mad love to his dog, who just gave birth to some puppies. In the clip, Gates was seen giving his dog some wet kisses on the mouth, to which some people thought was a little gross and too far. At one point, Gates’ dog had his tongue pretty much in Kevin’s mouth for a quick second as the dog licked back, but we know there nothing really to it.

However, many people thought the clip was a big strange and weird for how much affection the Baton Rouge rapper displayed towards his dog, but he’s not taking it that way. In fact, Gates decided to respond to the haters on Monday, saying all y’all have “brown” teeth and that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans.

“Say bro, a nigga want to talk about me kissing my dog, but y’all teeth is brown. Y’all teeth brown. Y’all don’t floss in between your teeth and y’all teeth is fucking brown,” Gates said. “A dog has a bacteria in his mouth that kills germs. A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a humans’ mouth,” he added.

Check out the clip & response (below). Did Gates go too far with the kiss or nah?