Kodak Black a large portion of the year behind bars. Today, he was sentenced to nearly four years in prison in his gun case where he falsified documents. That's just one of the many legal matters on his plate right now but we likely won't see Kodak until 2023. Typically, whenever a rapper is incarcerated, many of their peers will go out to call for their freedom and show them their support. However, Kodak's year has been filled with controversy and not many have come out to show him love publicly.

Kevin Gates isn't like everyone else, though. Despite the controversy surrounding Kodak Black's name, he took to the 'Gram to send his blessings in Kodak's direction. "After All hardship All mighty #Allah grants us ease!!!! May your vacation be a peaceful journey and may you return Wiser,Stronger,and Greater than ever before - We love you Sir," he wrote alongside a photo of Kodak.

This appears to be in response to Kodak's post from earlier. The Florida rapper shared a photo of himself upon the announcement of his sentence while quoting Kevin Gates in the caption. "Hold It Down While I’m On Lock. Calling Shots From The Box," Kodak wrote.

Despite Kodak getting sent to prison, his sentence was much lighter than what was initially expected. The rapper was initially facing a max sentence of 10 years so three and some change isn't all that bad in comparison.