Ever since his release from prison last year, Kevin Gates has maintained a pretty low persona in the public. Even with social media, he isn't as active as he once was before he was sentenced. Yesterday, the rapper shared photos of himself visiting his uncle Lee Lucas and incarcerated rapper and Master P's brother, C-Murder, at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center in Louisiana. The pictures were relatively innocuous as the rapper posed for photos with the incarcerated at a table and on a picnic bench. However, the Louisiana Department of Corrections has an issue with one aspect of the photos: the cash.

Kevin Gates is now under investigation for flashing a handful of hundred dollar bills in a photo with Lee Lucas and C-Murder. Ken Pastorick, spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of Corrections, told The Advocate that visitors are prohibited from bringing in any amount of cash exceeding $300 into the prison. "As indicated in the photograph, it appears Mr. Gates had a large sum of cash, which is unacceptable, and a violation," Ken Pastorick said. "It is against Elayn Hunt Correctional Center policy to bring case exceeding $300 into the prison, and any amount above that is considered contraband."

Gates is on a visitation list for Lee Lucas who's been behind bars for two decades. Pastorick said that because the rapper signed off on the documentation, he acknowledged that he understood the rules for visitors. Although Gates is under investigation for the photos, the repercussions he faces if he's found in the wrong isn't clear.