Kevin Gates was released from prison at the top of the year and we just recently heard from the rapper who said he'll be releasing new music after he puts 200 or 300 songs together first. Getting back on track in the real world and coordinating studio time comes together thanks to any artists manager, and luckily for Kevin his manager happens to be his wife. 

Dreka Gates is the boss behind the scenes and she's ready to do even more. Dreka makes it all look so easy as she plays manager, mother and wife and now she wants to pursue her own ideas. 

“It’s my time to step out of my everyday life of being this driving force behind artists and helping them bring their ideas, visions, and dreams to life, to me basically being the “artist” and marketing myself and all of my “creations," she says. "But don’t get it twisted, I’m still running my label and working with other artists but I want to have a little fun too and it’s totally ok to be a little selfish sometimes!"

Dreka has served as the Creative Director and curator for a number of artists and photo shoots for her label Bread Winners Association. Now, she wants to do her own fashion line. 

"I’m not a big fan of “fast fashion” so I created a quality clothing brand that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg," she explains. "I’m one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars on sweats, good t-shirts, basic everyday pieces and while I can’t say that I will stop, I will do it a little less now that I have my own quality pieces to wear.” 

As for a dream idea for her and Kevin's empire, she says one day she hopes to start "building out our Blueberry Farm!”


Image via Echoing Soundz