Kevin Hart has had quite the year. Of course, him getting caught cheating on his pregnant wife was the most turbulent, but when their son Kenzo was born things were looking up. The comedian has not shied away from talking about his slip up as we just posted yesterday, he joked that for Christmas he wants Santa to know that he's a "good guy" after the scandal.

Kevin discussed the topic further on his recent visit to The Breakfast Club where Charlamagne Tha God doesn't waste time and asks him plain and simple, "What was was you thinkin' earlier this year when you got cheatin' in Vegas?"

"It's beyond irresponsible," Kevin replies. "There's no way around it, the best way to do it is just address it.. right on. Just say exactly what it is, that's Kevin Hart in his dumbest moment, that's not the finest hour of my life. With that being said, you make your bed and you lay in it." He explains how he wasn't thinking when he cheated and that's how the whole scandal falls into a "fuck-up." 

"I rightfully stand in front of my fuck-up hands in the air, I'm guilty regardless of how it happened or what was involved - shit that I can't talk about I'm guilty, I'm wrong." He then talks about taking care of his wife and hopes she can forgive him, as a way to be a man and a role model for his children.

Watch his full video below where he explains much more.