The list of people who have shared their opinions on Kanye West is adding up to becoming a full-blown novel. We think it's safe to say that most people disagree with his slavery comments and are simply just confused/shocked, while there are some people such as The Gamewho says: "Kanye’ is a genius. People who’ve never achieved greatness are not allowed to question it."

One of the latest celebrities to share their opinion on all of this is Kevin Hart, who just wants Kanye to get to the point of all of this. “I don’t agree with where he is or the way he’s going about getting to the punchline or the point of what he’s doing," he told Big Boi during his recent visit. "You know, I think we’re in a point in time that the world is being divided, and I think a large piece of the division that’s been promoted and amplified has come from the leader of the free world at times,” he proclaimed. “I think that any promotion uplifts the division that’s been put upon us.”

Check out his full interview below and the Kanye chat at the 50-minute mark.