Kevin Hart's career is still moving forward, even with a few threats from cancel culture and a few scandals. Last year, he was in the middle of a major controversy after he revealed that he was being blackmailed over an alleged sex tape. The tape never went public (thank God) but that doesn't mean that Kevin isn't still dealing with repercussions from it. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Montia Sabbag is suing Kevin Hart for $60M on claims that he conspired with a friend to videotape them having sex. She said that Hart, along with his friend JT Jackson who was later arrested for extortion, plotted to film her encounter with Kevin. She said that the comedian was motivated by getting publicity since he had a comedy tour coming up.

In her claims, she said Kevin Hart brought JT Jackson into his hotel to set up a hidden camera that would record her and Kevin Hart's encounter. Now, she's suing Kevin with emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

Kev has yet to respond to the suit but it doesn't seem too shocking that he's facing a lawsuit from the scandal. He was previously sued by former business partners who claimed that Kevin Hart's sex tape scandal ruined their deal. They're seeking $7 million but Kevin Hart is trying his absolute best to get the case thrown out.