For those that have been hankering for new music by Kevin McCall, you're going to have to wait a little while longer. The troubled artist has faced a few heavy obstacles as of late. The last year has proven to be a difficult one for Kevin McCall, more personally than professionally. He's been entangled in multiple legal dramas involving domestic violence, assault, and trespassing allegations. 

 McCall's legal issues with ex-girlfriend Eva Marcille has taken center stage as he has sued the Real Housewives of Atlanta star for custody of their daughter. She claims he also petitioned for her to not only turn over custody but to pay him child support, as well. After McCall was involved in a physical altercation with a court officer while on his way to a custody hearing, he was arrested and his case was dismissed. Eva would later admit that McCall hasn't been involved in their daughter Marley Rae's life for years and she recognizes Eva's husband Michael Sterling as her father.

This doesn't mean that McCall is giving up on seeing his daughter, even though Eva has stated that there is a restraining order in place against him. McCall took to Twitter that he's on a music strike as he refuses to share his artistry with the world until changes are put in place. "No new music until I see my children. I cant choose the world over them," the singer-songwriter wrote. It also seemed as if he took a jab at Eva without naming her outright, but that's just speculative. "I'll figure out music when I have visitation with police around to protect us from the lies and abuse the mothers have put us thru the past 6 years...I've won this fight with my oldest. I'll win again. JESUS." Check out his tweet below.