Only a few hours after going to court to face charges for sexual assault in Nantucket, Massachusetts, Kevin Spacey once again found himself on the wrong side of the law. Perhaps, after leaving court, Spacey was trying to outrun his demons, but as he drove home along the highway the police were of the opinion that he was running/driving too fast (just imagine him on that stationary rowing machine/sloppy metaphor in House of Cards).

In a video obtained by TMZ, Spacey can be seen in the driver's seat of an SUV as the videographer crawls by, to be reprimanded for going so slow on a highway and waved away quickly by the cops. The guy behind the camera stops and comes out of the car to film and the police tell him, "you cannot stop on the road," to which he replies "oh, I'm know that's Kevin Spacey, right?" as if the actor's celebrity will cancel out the traffic infractions of those stalking him for TMZ. 

Apparently, Spacey didn't end up getting a ticket and the police officers in the video didn't get an autograph or a selfie either. Although we can't embed it here, the full video is available via TMZ here.