Viral stories have a tendency to omit the fact-checking process. In the digital age, stories spread like wildfire and the only thing required is a few retweets here and there for the world to know about it. As such, a story surrounding finger-licking good KFC spread through Twitter. The latter consisted of a South African student, who claimed to have allegedly conned KFC out of free food for a year. Precisely, the student alleges he was able to successfully fool numerous locations of the chicken-frying franchise into believing he was a quality inspector hired by its headquarters. Evidently, social media took that story, ran and thoroughly enjoyed flaming KFC to burnt bits. Moreover, the story spread as far as CBS News

Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Since then, KFC has come forward to debunk the tale. A spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the story was purely fabricated. The company's "strict operational processes" would have never allowed it to happen. Furthermore, the communique adds: "Any unauthorized individuals posing as KFC team members in our restaurants and head office would have been picked up immediately." KFC also shared the news via social media, in a series of tweets which denounced the story as fake. 

Hence, the moral of the story is: don't always believe what you see on social media.