Conor McGregor's 2nd UFC loss ended on controversial terms with opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov displaying a relentless streak which followed him out the octagon. Shortly after submitting Conor in the 4th round with a cross-arm to the neck, Khabib quickly rose to his feet, looked his opponent disparagingly in the eyes, then quickly turned his attention to Dillion Danis, a mixed martial artist in Conor's entourage - sitting on the spectator side of the fence.

What unfolded next was part of no script: Khabib jumps the fence, the guardrail, landing flat-footed and ready to pounce on Dillion who seemed equally game to fight. They engage -- Dillion looks to have the advantage for a second, so much as he can muster before venue security come between them. He is then marshaled out of the venue, while Khabib paces back-and-forth awaiting instruction.

While this is occurring outside the octagon, a seemingly dazed McGregor gets accosted not once but twice by members of Khabib's entourage. At this point, all hell has broken loose, and there are as many figurants inside the octagon as there are outside of it, where the action is dispersed. Dana White described the spectacle that ensued as a "bad night for the UFC," his post-fight interview with ESPN is at the bottom of the page. White also insists that an investigation is well underway. Three men associated with Nurmagomedov have already been arrested for their roles in the melee.

Khabib was nonetheless quick to defer blame over to his Irish opponent. "I know this is not my best side,' said Nurmagomedov in the post-fight press conference. "(He) "talked about my religion, he talked about my country. He talked about my father. He came to Brooklyn and he broke a bus. He almost killed a couple of people. What about this shit?"