For the last few days, it felt as though Khalid was teasing an upcoming project. The artist was counting down towards something on his Instagram and it's now become clear what exactly we were looking forward to. Offering context to his cryptic posts, Khalid has just announced that he's releasing a brand new EP next week.

It's been a year and a half since the singer dropped his debut album, American Teen, and finally we're getting a new body of work from the artist. Fresh off of his win at the American Music Awards, Khalid has announced his new EP Suncity will be out on October 19. He's calling this the "start of a new era" and given the time spent between American Teen and now, we're definitely ready for a new chapter. His first album saw him getting emotional and introspective with songs like "Saved," "Location," and "Young, Dumb & Broke," and it will be interesting to see which direction the El Paso native will go this time around.

Khalid has been capitalizing off the success of his first album, still remaining incredibly relevant despite being pretty quiet since last year. He's become somewhat of a feature king during his time away from solo work though, guesting on songs for artists like Marshmello, Buddy, Kyle, Shawn Mendes, and others. 

Are you looking forward to some new music from Khalid?