American Teen Khalid has been killing it lately, and seems destined for big things throughout 2018. Today, the artist sat down with Montreality for a detailed interview, and as per usual, the conversation yielded some great insight. One of the most interesting moments from the interview is when Khalid reflects on working with Kendrick Lamar on "The Heart Part 4." 

"I was actually working on a song for my album that never came out," reveals Khalid. "One of the producers who was working on the song with me, they chopped and screwed it up...they made this crazy beat, and they text me like 'Yo Kendrick heard the beat, and he wants to cut to it. He killed it, and every time I listen to it I'm reminded that my voice is on one of my favorite lyricist's song - which is super dope. I listen to that song on repeat."

And while musicians geeking out over other musicians is always fun to see, Khalid also takes some time to deliver a bit of wisdom. "If I could rid the world of one evil, what would it be?" ponders the young singer. "Definitely corruption within my government...Police brutality is so big in America, and I hate it. Police are supposed to be our proectors, they're supposed to be the people that save us. But why is it that when me and my friends are walking down the street, the moment we hear a police car we get the chills?" 

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