Khalid's debut album American Teen captured his "time capsule for life" touching on the ups and downs that any 19-year-old may face, especially as a bubbling R&B star. He may seem wise beyond his ages but in a recent interview with Complex it's easy to hear the humble vibe the "Location" singer gives off when talking about his path to success.

"American Teen was kind of my own time capsule for life. What did I go through? What did everyone my age kind of go through? What did my friends kind of go through?" he explains in the video. "It definitely is a story about youth but it's deeper than that because it's just a story about heartbreak, love, falling in love, falling out of love and kind of learning to love yourself." Khalid further explains how there's so much more to the album that reveals his true "internal" feels.

"I feel like the perfect pop song for me doesn't fit into any genre. It is what it is. It's a feeling, it's a mood, it's a moment, it's whatever I was going through that makes me feel great," Khalid recently told GQ. "Or that makes me want to feel great. It's all about feelings. I love my feelings and I love accepting my feelings, I love finding out about my feelings."

The younger singer recently showed love to his album yet again with a video release for his single “Saved.” The visuals were pleasing, as it showed Khalid chilling beachside and cruising the city with a pretty lady by his side. Watch that here.