Mental health is not a joke. Tamar Braxton is recovering after attempting to end her own life a few weeks ago, being admitted to the hospital and thanking her fiancé for all of his support. She claims that the pressure of reality television had become too much for her to handle and, after being ignored by WeTV after penning a heartfelt letter about how she needed her role to be reduced, she felt like the only way out was to leave this Earth.

As she continues to get well, Khia is coming forward, saying that she believes her suicide attempt was staged in an attempt to get out of her contract with the network.

She took to her platform, gavel and all, to go off on Tamar for allegedly faking her own suicide attempt.

David Livingston/Getty Images

"People say you can fake an orgasm but you can't fake your death to get out of no contract. People say... maybe you did," said Khia. "WeTV released Tamar from her contract after she took Tylenol PMs, took a nap and faked dying."

After the disrespectful statement, in which she attacked Tamar's appearance by calling her "Big Jaw Braxton," Khia added that her alleged plan actually worked because WeTV did end up nixing her contract

She ends by saying that Tamar is never giving back to the community but always wants support.

Yeah, Khia definitely should have kept her mouth shut this time.