In recent months Kid Cudi revealed that he'll be dropping a third installment in his Man On The Moon series, however it won't actually arrive until 2015. Cudder isn't making fans wait two years until they get new music though, as he announced during a recent concert stop that he'll be dropping a prelude to MOTM3.

While on the Cud Life Tour the Cleveland native shared the news with concert attendees, revealing that we will only get a release date for the prelude EP 24 hours before it's slated to drop. He did hint at the time frame, saying it'll be in the next three months.

"When I give you the release date, it will be 24 hours before it's released," Kid Cudi said. "You won't know when it's gunna happen, but it's definitley gunna happen within the next three months."

Cudder continued to talk about the EP, saying, "Since Man On The Moon 3 is not coming out until 2015, I mean, I couldn't not give you more music right. What kinda guy would I be?" He asked the crowd.

"Me and Dot Da Genius. We got some heat," Cudi said about the EP. "Chip Tha Ripper is definitely gunna be on there."

He added, "Old Dot's amazing beats and that classic Kid Cudder energy that you guys need. Now this will be a prelude to MOTM3, it's all attached to the story, when MOTM3 comes out you will be able to play this EP seguing into Man On The Moon 3, it'll be a seamless connection." He went on to explain that the prelude EP picks up where Indicud left off.