Kid Cudi has been teasing fans about his upcoming release Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon for awhile now. He did drop off the first taste off the project the other month, and today he's once again taken to Twitter to announce news concerning the project. 

It was originally slated to be an EP that would serve as a warm-up to the highly anticipated Man On The Moon 3. However, Cudder seems to be more prolific than he expected, because the EP has turned into a proper album. Cudi confirms that it's still slated for a release in February.

"Satellite Flight is an album now :) thats what u get for being so patient w me. Ur gonna love it. Ur gonna love it. Ur gonna fucking LOVE!," Cudi confirmed to fans in his tweet.

Are you looking forward to the new release? We'll update you once an official release date arrives.