Kid Cudi and Kanye West have shared the stage so many times, reuniting years ago at Coachella for a joint set as Kids See Ghosts. During their run on top of the music industry, we would have loved to hear West's thoughts on Cudi's sometimes cringe-worthy dance moves. 

As he has begun teasing new songs from his upcoming album Entergalactic, Kid Cudi went back in time to find an old video of himself dancing while Kanye West rapped "So Appalled." He clearly was not impressed with what he was pulling.

"What am i doin w the mic stand?? Hahah that was my main move back n the day," laughed the 36-year-old artist.

Kid Cudi
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the video, Cudi can be seen placing the microphone stand between his legs and riding it like a horse. For real... At least he knows how funny he looked back then.

In his defense, it's pretty easy to get carried away when you're on stage performing for thousands of fans. 

Whenever Kid Cudi is back on the performance circuit, you better keep your eyes peeled to the microphone stand. Old habits die hard and since this was one of his preferred moves, it could eventually make a return.

Check it out below.