Kid Cudi's music release habits are unlikely to fall under the prolific category, but when he does drop, the excitement felt by his loyal fans is unparalleled. Therefore, when Cudi came through and dropped off a brand new single off his upcoming Entergalactic album, titled "Leader Of The Delinquents," many were cautiously optimistic that the new project would be arriving shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, Cudi doesn't appear ready to drop it off quite yet, promising a release date of "next summer." 

Kid Cudi Entergalactic

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Still, that's not to say he'll be hoarding his music in a miserly fashion. Yesterday evening, Cudder took to Instagram Live to chop it up with Rashida Jones, to whom he blessed with a sneak preview of some unreleased music. The song he happened to highlight was called "Do What I Want," which kicks off with a hilariously random introductory cry of "STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEEED."

As the beat hits, a mix of up-tempo percussion and subtle woodwinds-- the likes of which have become a preferred staple in contemporary hip-hop -- sets the backdrop. Cudi, always sounding lethargic but never lazy, finds a pocket and bodies the instrumental in his own unique fashion. From the sound of, the track seems to be a perfect meeting point for Cudi's various strengths, solid rhymes paired with futuristic and experimental soundscapes. Check it out for yourself, and look for Entergalactic to hit streaming services next summer -- aka, a while from now.