It's been four years since Kid Cudi dropped off a complete solo album, with his last effort coming by way of 2016's Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin'. And while he has kept fans sated with 2018's Kids See Ghosts, a collaborative effort with Kanye West that emerged as a Surgical Summer highlight, many have been excited to see what Mr. Rager has been cooking up. And rest assured, he has been active in the kitchen, having previously teased two new albums in Entergalactic and Man On The Moon 3. 

Kid Cudi Entergalactic

 Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Of course, this is 2020, where albums arrive at a moment's notice and seldom does one wait for more than half a year. As such, Cudi has been left fielding no shortage of impatient fans, many of whom have taken to flooding the rapper's page with requests for even the smallest morsel of Entergalatic and MOTM3 news. Today, Cudi came through to calm the waters, affirming his loyal supporters that "The music is coming. I promise."

Seizing the opportunity, Juicy J slid into the comments with an open invitation, offering up a few "trippy" instrumentals for the upcoming projects. While Cudi has yet to take Juicy up on his offer, it's entirely possible that the collaboration manifests -- at least, we can only hope it does. As of now, very little is known about Cudi's upcoming musical direction, though we have heard a few possible hints through singles like "The Scotts" with Travis Scott and "The Adventures Of Moon Man & Slim Shady" with Eminem

While we might not have a clear release date, Kid Cudi's promise is the best we can do for now. Sound off in the comments if you're excited for a new album from Mr. Solo Dolo.