One of Bernie Sanders' most prominent and vocal supporters has been Atlanta emcee Killer Mike. As both Democratic candidates were in South Carolina today for the state's primary, Killer Mike delivered an impassioned speech at a Sanders rally at Claflin University. The focus of his speech was the difference between Senator Sanders' attitude toward the Black Lives Matter movement to that of his opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

There are videos online of each Sanders and Clinton being interrupted whilst giving campaign speeches. In the case of Sanders, during a rally last summer, two Black Lives Matter activists took over the stage and eventually caused organizers to shut down the event. In a video clip of the incident, Sanders is shown shaking the hands of the protestors and backing away from the podium to let them speak. 

Earlier this week, during a private fundraiser, a young black woman confronted Hillary Clinton, and she was escorted out of the event by security after a short exchange with the presidential candidate. 

Killer Mike had this to say about the candidate's different reactions to minority protestors: 

"When you have an opportunity to tell two black girls to 'shut up and get off stage,' and you don't and you shake their hand and smile and you step to the side and you listen, that is a firm difference from turning around and staring at a little black girl and saying, 'Shut up. I'll talk to you later. You're being rude.' Or allowing people to say that to her."

As was predicted, Clinton ended up winning today's primary in a landslide victory, receiving over 73 percent of the vote. And despite Mike's efforts, Clinton won 84 percent of the black vote, which counted for 62 percent of all votes cast, according to an exit poll conducted by ABC News