Killer Mike is back with another unapologetic take.

In a pair of Instagram posts, the routinely outspoken rapper provided a few solutions addressed toward the African-American community when it comes to government oppression. In a video accompanied by a lengthy caption, he explained that self-sufficiency was the answer, adding that instead of complaining of a lack of food, Black communities should learn how to grow their own crops, and hunt for their meat. If Black communities are tired of crime and lack of gun control, they should apply their 2nd amendment right to bear arms and train themselves to use firearms.

"Do not ask your 'oppressors' or a 'government' that supports 'white supremacy' to protect your black ass. I’m sorry it just don’t work that way," he typed out in a portion of his caption. 


This clip arrived on the tail of a previous post that spoke out against the "Gun Safety: Not Sorry Act," formally referred to as H.R. 4268. Headed up by Texas Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, the measure proposes a waiting period of one week “before a semiautomatic firearm, a silencer, armor piercing ammunition, or a large capacity ammunition magazine may be purchased or transferred ownership.” According to Lee, this is a way to prevent mentally unstable individuals from harming others as it allows them a period in which they can have time to think it over before making any hasty and dangerous decisions.

"Pro [2nd Amendment] black men and Women stop letting these Dem’s push their party’s agenda via your reps," Mike wrote in contest of the proposal. "Tell black law makers to shut up or get voted out. I️ cannot and will not trust this or any government with my right to bear arms."

The Run the Jewels emcee's remarks come in the midst of an ever-growing debate surrounding gun control in the United States following an onslaught of mass shootings at places that include music festivals and churches, causing many anti-gun advocates to reason that no place is safe because of what is perceived to be too easy a process in obtaining firearms, specifically semiautomatic weapons.

"Embrace your [2nd Amendment] right and shoot and train often. ...Join any org NAAGA, NRA, any group I️ don’t care so long as u Keep your rights and stay up. Love and Respect u all."