Kim Kardashian is often being accused–rightly or wrongly, you be the judge of that–of photoshopping her supposedly candid Instagram photos. The medium of Instagram has broken down perceived walls between the super-famous and the fans, giving people the one thing they want most: access. But with this access comes doubt. After staying out of arm's reach for so long, are they really just going to bare themselves (often literally in the case of Kim) so casually on the internet? Cynical observers begin to wonder just what goes into an Instagram photo from Kim Kardashian, who was 120 million followers.

This kind of criticism has been going for as long as she's been famous, but today they've taken on a new tone. Kim is being accused of photoshopping her daughter's belly to make it look slimmer. The Instagram account "Fakegirlsfvckya" first put the so-called "before" and "after" photos up side by side to illustrate the difference (keep in mind that this account's mission is to "expose b*tches and fake people 😘"):

Whether or not you can see the difference, a lot of people have. What The Daily Mail calls "a source close to the reality star and beauty mogul" said, however, that Kim "would never photoshop North to alter her weight." The source explained in more detail that "Kim sometimes reposts images from her fan sites. This was one of those times. The paparazzi photo was altered via the fan site."