The Kardashians have mostly become famous due to their neverending drama in combination with their physical appearances and what they decide to do with their looks. Kourtney Kardashian has combined both of these elements in her latest Instagram post.

She uploaded a throwback picture of herself and her sister Kim Kardashian. The caption points to the photo being taken circa "1995."

Although Kourtney doesn't include anything petty in her caption, many of the commenters on her post are getting wrapped up in some drama. Fans are arguing over which sibling is the most attractive. Some of the statements are more nuanced like those pointing out how Kim might have been the most beautiful before her plastic surgery. Of course, since this is going down on Kourtney's profile,  the arguments are mostly made in her favor. 

It is doubtful that the reality television star minds anyone taking shots at her sister. As mentioned before, their family thrives on drama. Although Kourtney likes to present herself as being different from her sister in terms of their values, she previously agreed with her twitter following that she is indeed "the prettiest" Kardashian.

Jeezy also agrees with this idea. He recently decided to shoot his shot at the 39-year-old and declared Kourtney as the "hottest Kardashian."