Kim Kardashian has come to sister Khloe's defence after Lamar Odom made some comments about why the two had gotten divorced. In an interview on BET's Mancave, the former Lakers Forward revealed that he's "not that cold" since finalizing his divorce with the youngest Kardashian sister in 2016. Odom even admits that he still has Khloe's initials still tattooed on him, as he has not made any valiant efforts to remove or cover up the memory of his  failed relationship. 

However, things got particularly interesting when Odom revealed he knew things were over with Khloe "when she was with her second or third NBA ball player." The panel of hosts erupted into laughter after Odom's confession, as the topic soon turned to how difficult it must be seeing his ex become romantically-involved with one of his NBA peers (the Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson.) However, he reveals his excitement over Khloe's pregnancy, noting how "she will be a great mother, for real."

Peep the interview below:

After the interview aired, Kim, the self-proclaimed "Queen of Social Media," took to Twitter to majorly shade her former brother-in-law over his remarks about her sister. Replying to a tweet that focused on Odom's confession of Khloe's supposed infidelity, Kim clapped back saying Odom's "second or third" brothel was mostly the reason to blame for their failed nuptials. 

Odom infamously overdosed visiting a brothel in Nevada, which was quickly followed by a trip to a rehab centre in a bid to rid himself of his addiction to drugs.