It’s safe to say Kim Kardashian is feeling pretty bold & brave these past couple days. After posting a picture on social media of her rocking the "Bo Derek" braids, Kim has been receiving backlash for what people are calling “cultural appropriation.” Ironically, Lindsey Lohan was one of those fans who had some words about Kim’s new look, but Kim definitely wasn’t feeling it. In fact, she decided to clap back at Lindsey with some words of her own.

In the comments of Perez Hilton’s IG post the other day, where he was revealing Kim’s new braided look, Lindsey Lohan decided to chime in and say “I am confused.” Catching wind of the slight shade, Kim responded back in the same comment section, replying “@lindseylohan you know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent.”

This exchange, which was caught by TheShadeRoom, went down just hours before Kim decided to really send the internet into a frenzy by sharing a topless picture of herself in only a white thong. The NSFW picture, which you can see for yourself right here, also finds Kim rocking the same controversial braids that has garnered all the attention recently.

Check out Kim’s clap back session (below) and let us know what you think of Kim's new look. Is she appropriating culture or nah?