Kim Kardashian has been revealing a lot over Twitter. Just the other day she revealed that her social media engagement is soaring after haters slammed her Instagram content curation. Today she's back again to let her followers know that she's making all kinds of calls to get the Twitter account @theyeezymafia unverified. 

A user tweeted at Kim saying: "Re-verify @TeamKanyeDaily. I don't understand how YeezyMafia is allowed to have "Yeezy" in their name, but TeamKanye can't have "Kanye" in their name. :("

Kim replied saying: 

Another tweet by a user, that has since been deleted, saw Kim fire back with her reasoning for her actions to get the accounts unverified. 

We'll have to see how long until Kim's many calls means that she's successfully removed the blue checkmark from the unverified account. Does Kim Kardashian West still have to wait on hold?