Kim Kardashian and her many sisters are closer than ever, but they've grown even closer since most of them have had children. Out of Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie all but modeling superstar Kendall has little babies of their own. Kim has three children herself, and out of all her siblings to call to for advice, she looks at young Kylie.

"Lately, it's been Kylie. Kylie is up on all the new gadgets and the new baby stuff," Kim told E! News. "But Khloe and I probably have the most similar parenting style and I will usually go to one of my best friends Larsa Pippen because she has four kids for mom advice."

She explained how she and Kourtney sometimes disagree on some parenting skills, but they will make sure to discuss it thoroughly and "respect each other's rules."

"I know that if Kourtney's out of town, then the kids will sleep at my house and we'll plan these fun things where the kids always feel loved. We're always helping each other out," she said. Khloe recently moved back to Los Angeles from Cleveland and Kim said things finally feel back to normal. "I definitely feel like we are more connected now especially that Khloe's back and we're hanging out with all the babies. All the kids want to hang out. It's just a whole different experience now. It's so much fun."