In his bizarre segment which seems to be mostly a product placement opportunity, Jimmy Kimmel invites celebrities like Kobe BryantMethod Man and RZA and, now, Kim Kardashian to discuss three unrelated left-wield questions while sipping on the promoted booze du jour. In Kobe's case, it's Crown Royal and in Meth, RZA and Kim's it's Ciroc. 

As Kim sits at the bar sipping on her Ciroc martini (not dirty, it's got a thick lemon twist), bartender-Kimmel begins with an update on a classic "philosophical question: if a selfie gets posted and no one likes it, was it ever a selfie at all?" The short answer, "absolutely." The long answer is that Kim doesn't really know, because she has some of the most-liked selfies on earth. Take this recent photo of her that she posted, which made it to  2,139,971 likes at the time of writing:

Kimmel's next question hit more close to home. He asked which of Kim's sisters would be most likely to sue her and Kim replied, without hesitation, that it would be Kourtney. A commenter on the video put it much more succinctly than Kim or I ever could: "Cause u can't say Courtney without saying court."

The final question discusses telemarketers and how Kanye maybe used to be one. Kimmel asks Mrs. Kardashian West when the last time she talked to one was and she says "all the time," pointing to the fact that Kanye may have been one and that if he can make it from telemarketer to what he is now, then "you never know who's calling." Watch it below: