Former reality TV star and overall selfie superstar Paris Hilton has been thrust back into the public spotlight after it was announced that she would be tying the knot with her now-fiancee Chris Zylka. It's an interesting relationship that has gone through its share of ups and downs over the years, going from BFF's to enemies and now back again. To help celebrate the big day, Paris has some big guest invites in mind, including one woman who helped take up the mantle of reality TV's resident queen.

In a new video published by TMZ, the wealthy heiress was met with a barrage of question from many media members who were ready and waiting when a car dropped Hilton off outside trendy West Hollywood restaurant Craig's. When asked whether or not Kim Kardashian was going to receive an invite to the glamorous affair, Paris responded with a resounding "yes." Check out the video clip in its entirety below.

There's no indication as to when she and Zylka will be tying the knot, nor where exactly the wedding will be held, but one thing's for sure: with guests like Kim Kardashian (and potentially Kanye West as her plus one), there will be no shortage of extravagance when it comes to making these nuptials one of the most star-studded in recent memory. Now, let's hope they're not having the reception the same weekend as Cardi B and Offset...

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