NYC-based streetwear brand Kith had a pretty successful 2016, pairing with Adidas (more than once), Coca Cola and even The Lox. Now they’re back to prove their core offerings are just as good as their collaborative capsules with a new Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

For the new collection, Kith is jumping into the competitive world of denim with both feed. Not only does the collection feature two different cuts of jeans, they’ve also created a distressed denim jacket in both blue and black. The jeans also come in the light indigo and black, as well as a grey option. Only one of the jeans comes in a non-distressed variety, so you’d better be okay with holes in your pants.

Kith also returns to their classic Astor Bomber Jacket and undershirts. Lastly, the brand has collaborated (they just can’t stay away from teaming up with other brands) with Calux to create waffle thermal sweatshirts and sweatpants in grey and light purple.

The whole collection launched today, so head over to Kith’s website or any of their retail locations to pick up the items.