Kobe Bryant is entrenched in a legal battle over his own nickname. While the entire world knows Kobe as the Black Mamba, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is in a trademark battle with the Laker veteran over the name. According to The BlastHi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has filed a motion to compel. They believe that Kobe has documents that will help their case, and they plan on deposing him. Kobe's attorney is refusing to allow his client to sit down for a deposition, instead offering to have the NBA vet submit written answers to the questions. 

Kobe’s attorney allegedly told Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, “Deposing Kobe Bryant would be like Lil Wayne’s deposition … it would be just like that – he’d just be saying ‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know.'” For those who don't remember, Lil Wayne sat down for a legendary deposition, where he continuously answered that he didn't recall events that he certainly remembered. At one point, he tells the man deposing him that the judge can't save him in the real world, prompting the confused man to ask if the rapper just threatened him. This alone may be the best Lil Wayne "interview" of all time. 

Kobe's attorney continued on to say that “You can try, but it’s never going to happen," in connection to the deposition. "This is Kobe Bryant we are talking about – not some ‘Mom and Pop’ shop.”