Kodak Black said was rocking the path of celibacy after getting out the joint. The newly-freed man claimed to be focused on his new music instead. However, the artist was still dating, even though the idea of sex with randos failed to impress him anymore. Soon after, it seemed like he might have found "the one" when he posted a picture of golden roses with a caption that hinted at the acceptance of a marriage proposal. This fairytale appears to have been short-lived, according to a video the rapper recorded of himself.

The upload shows Kodak pleading the Lord Jesus for a romantic partner.

"God! God, Lord Jesus! Let me find my wife, man. Let me find my girl, man. Right now, man. Listen, I ain't tryna play with any of you hoes. I'm dead-ass serious... God! Listen, if you f*ck with me for real, let me find my wife, man...This girl, telling me all this shit..."

The begging extends to his platonic relationships as well. The entertainer adds real friendships to his request.

"Let me know my friends. All these niggas act like they f*ck with me. I know they don't f*ck with me. I use they ass too, street politics. Let me find my homeboys, let me find my wife. Okay? Thank you."