Today as we wrote our list of Lil Yachty's beefs, a conflict was brewing between the nautical rapstar and fellow 2016 XXL FreshmanKodak Black. The Florida trapper, recently released from prison, has just caught wind of Yachty & D.R.A.M.'s hit song "Broccoli," and feels that his swagger had been jacked. On Kodak's song "No Flockin," he raps, "Told the doctor I'm a healthy kid, I smoke broccoli."

In anger, Kodak posted two videos to Instagram calling out the makers of the "Broccoli" song for stealing his slang, and for being "square niggas." Lil Yachty responded with respect, claiming in his own IG video that he always credits Kodak Black for the slang before playing the hit song. Check out the IG videos in question below.

Do y'all think Kodak Black is justified in calling the "Broccoli" hitmakers out? For more Yachty content, click on our list of Yachty's 2016 beefs below.