Kodak Black continues to solidify himself as a baffling presence. At once good-humored, self-deprecating, ruthless, and unfiltered, Kodak has been the subject of both memes and critical acclaim for a minute. Now, with a North American tour set to go down in the coming week, the Dying To Live rapper has been busy playing the much-needed role of "good Samaritan." Upon witnessing a woman's flipped car, Kodak pulled over to lend a hand while his own music blared on the radio. 

"Damn dawg, somebody done flipped over dawg," marvels Kodak, live-streaming his approach to the vehicle. "You alright?" he asks the lady, who appears to be in a panicked state. Rightfully so, given that her car is flipped over. As he assists the woman in the vehicle, he's recognized by another Samaritan, who suggests the police be contacted. Upon hearing that suggestion, both Kodak and the driver are having none of it. In fact, Kodak proceeds to back away slowly. "Please don't call the cops," begs the woman. Kodak offers an alternate suggestion: "Want me to send you an Uber?"

The situation proceeds to get a little unclear, as one of the gathered Samaritans appears to notice another person stuck in the car. As the driver's pleas intensify, Kodak decides the situation is getting too heated, and proceeds to dip. "I wanted to see if you straight, and pull you out the car," calls Kodak, as the driver pleads for his return. Turning back to his IG feed, Kodak admits he had to leave before the cops arrive, signing off with a few well-timed Aaliyah lyrics. In truth, the entire situation is a little bizarre, and the driver's erratic behavior remains difficult to read. In any case, Kodak's heart was in the right place, and youv'e gotta give credit where credit is due.