Kodak Black and NBA Youngboy's beef doesn't look like it will end anytime soon. Despite being behind bars, Kodak Black is keeping up to date with everything that's happening on the outside. Over the weekend, Kodak randomly chimed in on NBA Youngboy's girlfriend Yaya Mayweather allegedly stabbing the rapper's baby mother in his house. Since then, all hell broke loose between the two.


NBA Youngboy called "checkmate" on Kodak Black on Instagram but it appears that Kodak Black refuses to let it go. Following several tweets and Instagram Posts, Kodak Black returned to Instagram where he shared an old video of Youngboy getting confronted by fans without retaliating.

"Man What U Was Tired Or Something Lil One? Where All Dat Booting Up At? U Gone Jump On Your Own Fans In The Crowd Tho Or Make A Movie Scene When It’s Security Around And Your Ppl Won’t Let Nothing Go Down," reads a post Kodak's Instagram. Kodak then began jumping down Youngboy's throat about assaulting women. "Jit I Kno You, I Bet If This Was A Bitch U Woulda Knock Her Ass Out Already."

"Lemme Find U Got A Off Switch @nba_youngboy Stop Playin Wit Me, Niggaz Be Knowing Who A Dog Forreal," he added.

In addition to this post, the rapper reportedly phoned in where he continued to blast Youngboy. Check both posts below as well as NBA Youngboy's response.