Kodak Black is looking to bounce back from a recent prison stint, and make up for lost ground in the process. Despite remaining hard at work in the studio, the young rapper has recently found himself making headlines over non-musical antics. A while back, Kodak made the mistake of live streaming while inebriated, and the words that followed could only be qualified as "fightin' words." Taking aim at Don Q and former "Drowning" collaborator A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Kodak threated violence upon both parties for unknown reasons. 

Though he proceeded to make efforts to right his wrongs (though Don Q certainly took issue with Kodak's redemptive approach), the reason behind Kodak's animosity remained somewhat of a mystery. Now, in the wake of a brand new single "If I'm Lyin I'm Flyin," Kodak has taken to Instagram Live to clear the air. Apparently the tension stemmed from a misunderstanding, as Kodak was under the impression that A Boogie and Don Q had accused him of wrongdoing; specifically, Kodak claims that Q and Boogie accused him of orchestrating a robbery of their affiliate. 

“Come to find out, A Boogie done think I had something to do with it," says Kodak, in a Thursday night IG Live session. "Like damn, bro, why do you feel like I had something to do with that?” Kodak said. “Be honest with me y’all, do I look like I would do something like that?” He also explains that A Boogie and Don Q have nothing to fear from him, and are welcome on Floridian soil.

“I’m not gonna do nothing to nobody. I don’t want nobody to get shot. I don’t want nobody to die on my behalf," says Kodak. "I don’t want no blood on my hands. I’m just a little kid.... I’m trying to be great and be, like, the person I’m destined to be.” Peep the extended session below, with reflection on this particular situation popping off around the 4:30 mark.