Kodak Black believes he is being set up for an even longer prison sentence. 

The Florida rapper has been experiencing legal trouble for years but his most recent stint in prison has arguably been the most difficult one yet. The Dying To Live artist has already been moved to two different prisons and he theorizes that it's all so that he could stack on additional time in the box by forcing him out of his element.

In a new post on Instagram, Kodak Black shared a photo of himself (and his very long hair) with a message attached.

Kodak Black
John Parra/Getty Images

"Man These Ppl Stay Trynna Fuck Me Ova, All This #Coronavirus Shit And Yall Talkin Bout Trynna Charge A N***a For A Bogus Fight," wrote Yak about the most recent charges against him. "Y’all Send Me Way to Kentucky USP Big Sandy 1,023 miles Away From My Family After Donald Trump Passed The First Step Act Stating That The BOP is Supposed To Keep You Within 500 Miles Of Your Family," he added, noting that the law was broken in order to get him further from his people.

"Y’all Sent T.I. to A Low and Sent Gucci Mane to Terre Haut So Why The Fuck Y’all Send Kodak Black to Big Sandy?" asks the rapper about his transfer to one of the most dangerous prisons in the country. "Cuz The Ppl Kno How I’m Rocking They Know I Ain’t No Bitch and I’ll Blow Me Some Shit Up So They Send Me To The Compound Where It’s Only 3 Niggaz From Florida There, So Regardless Of Who Talkin Like They Got My Back Imma Need Me A Fuckin KNIFE bcuz I Don’t Know Nobody."

In the same message, Kodak Black states that he has been restricted from using the phone, email, or commissary for six months. He was also forced to spend five months in solitary.

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