Kodak Black is celebrating a small victory after he was transferred to a new prison facility in Illinois, two weeks following his claims that he was being tortured by the guards at Big Sandy in Kentucky.

Notoriously known as one of the most ruthless maximum-security prisons in the country, Kodak Black detailed the extent of his trauma at Big Sandy, claiming in a recent lawsuit that they forced him to defecate and urinate on himself as they laughed, as well as "flicking" his testicles during a physical fight. Clearly, Kodak was being treated inhumanely and, after his legal push to get out of Big Sandy, we're happy to report that he has been moved.


On his Instagram today, Kodak shared his new address, where he encourages fans to send him letters to keep himself entertained as he waits to be released. 

"Strike At Me," he wrote.

According to TMZ, two weeks after the lawsuit was filed, Kodak was moved to Oklahoma City. Just days later, he was transferred again to Illinois.

Bradford Cohen, the rapper's lawyer, says that he spoke with Kodak this week, who is happy about the guards being more "professional". 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Despite this being a more livable situation for the 23-year-old artist, he remains thousands of miles away from his family in Florida, which is something he has argued is unfair on multiple occasions.

Free Yak.