Kodak Black has doubled down on a familiar concept: wear your masks.

Taking to Twitter, the rapper reveled that the mother of one of his friends passed away due to COVID-19 complications and he used it as a harsh reminder to keep masks on as the virus rages on.

Y’all Put Dem Masks Back On My Homie Jus Loss His Momma From Dat Shit


The start of the summer saw more lax regulations when it came to COVID-19 this year, but as new variants continue to arise with the most common and deadly being the Delta variant, many states and cities are rolling back out their mandates regarding masks, large groups and eating out.

Across the united States, as children return to in-person schooling, parents and local school boards are clashing as many policymakers impose mandates on masks. 

Notably in Florida, Governor Rick DeSantis has put a ban on mask mandates, threatening budget cuts of school districts impose them. Several districts have already violated the ruling, requiring that students wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19.