It looks like Kodak Black is feeling a tad left out after Yung Miami's mother dropped off a comment on Lil Baby's Instagram post. For a brief moment, Hip Hop fans turned their eyes to Keenya Young after she posted a heart-eyes emoji in Lil Baby's comment section, and soon, On-Site reshared the mention and added that she was trying to shoot her shot with the hitmaking rapper.

After going viral, Keenya returned to her Instagram Story to set the record straight with the outlet.

"No I am not feeling Lil Baby,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “I will never disrespect him like that or QC my daughter is part of that label what the [f*ck] I look like? I don’t play that period! A heart eye emoji for me is just a like I put under everybody picture! I’m sorry if that’s how you see it or took it.”

After the hoopla dissipated, Kodak Black jumped into the conversation with a question of his own. Young was promoting her boutique over on Instagram by modeling one of the shop's new looks, and the Florida rapper took notice.

He wrote, "Why Uon Put Heart Eyes Under My Pictures 9side eye emoji]," Kodak asked. In previous posts, it seemed as if Kodak had his eyes on Yung Miami, but now her mother has caught his attention. Check it out below.