In true Lil Wayne fashion, Kodie Shane has taken to SoundCloud with a message to her fans: sorry for the wait. Shane's debut album is supposed to be coming out this year and, she says, the pressure of the whole thing has been weighing her down.

The audio track that Shane posted on Soundcloud is called "Dear you...a msg from Kodie Shane" and is backed by the beat of her song "Love & Drugz II," which features Trippie Redd. The address begins: "So I been, like, trying to figure out the best way to let guys know what's been going on and why it's taken me so long to drop my music. Then I thought 'fuck it I might as well just talk to em.'" The next two and a half minutes is just that, Kodie Shane taking to us. She describes the jarring change from being able to release music whenever she wanted and on whatever platform, to putting together an album that has a specific release date and expectations behind it. More importantly, she says that over the past year, she's lost friends, her "team," and suffered "heartache, heartbreak, depression, plus leaving [her] final teenage year behind." Shane repeats a refrain over and over throughout the address: "all while recording my first album."

This first album, apparently, is on its way soon. As Kodie Shane herself says: "anyway with all that being said, I'm sorry it's been so long and the wait is officially over." So, maybe any day now.