The lore of Younes Bendjima's fists of fury is only growing. Kourtney Kardashian ex-boyfriend celebrity claimant was at the heart of an attack outside Delilah nightclub in Hollywood in March, where Drake and OBJ among others witnessed him pummel an employee who wasn't on the clock. Since then we've learned that he also allegedly assaulted a security guard while at Coachella back in April.

The security guard that is suing him, Mario Herrera, says he was simply enforcing site rules while posted in front of the single-gender bathrooms. It appears that Bendjima was trying to sneak into the stall with his then-girlfriend Kourtney for some romper room action. Herrera, who diligently caught Bendjima with the corner of his eye, instructed him to back off. Herrera says Bendjima then responded in utter rage, causing him to slam the helpless staffer against the wall as he continued to verbally berate him

Herrera says the attack has caused him emotional and physical distress, which is why the Coachella staffer is demanding no less than $5 million in damages on the basis of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. Video of the incident has not been made available, although footage still exists of the incident in March, for which Drake and OBJ have become legally implicated by association.